The gym system

Okay, I am evolving a system.

The thing is, I am taking a gym class which is supposedly for people over fifty, but in reality is for people who are retired. It was advertised as happening at 8, but it really doesn’t happen until 9. As you can imagine, this makes it a bit to late for me to stay for the whole class and then get to work.

The thing that’s good about it, though, is that there’s only a class one day a week, and the other day is just an open gym. We learn how to use the weights and machines and mats and bands of torture, and we have the little gym room on campus all to ourselves two mornings a week.

Also, recently there seems to be another woman about my age, which is great — I realize I will probably benefit from not being the strongest person in the room — except for Marty — Marty is insane and he is of no benefit at all because I ignore him.

Anyway, here’s the system. Drive to work on gym days. It’s too hard to fit a half an hour walk and an hour class and then another half an hour shower plus walk to campus. It’s just too much.

Arrive by 8, or even 8:15. I can then get to work by 9:30, which is late, but not impossible, and if I want to stay for the class part, I can leave at 9:30 and get to work by 10, which is fine once a week or so.

What would be even better would be to shift the thing an hour earlier. The classes repeat over and over, and I could probably just go through them myself by now. I think I will work on getting there by 8:00 first, though.

At the moment, I would like to lie on the ground and moan softly for a while.

It’s not actually as unpleasant as it sounds.


Camera Roll-115

I think fall may be my very favorite season. (Do I say this about each season? I might.)

I love the light, and the sense of new things happening. It’s hot here, but the nights are cool.

Working on a plan to go camping near home with some friends. I am very excited.

Also excited about boots.

More news from the weekend.

Phew — I heard from N (she made it to DC) and I figured out why my phone was not connecting, and now I have things to tell you.

We went sailing!

Camera Roll-55

My friend A built a little boat, and then broke his leg — so for some time this little boat (as yet unnamed) has been sitting in my driveway. But this weekend A and A came by to check on it, and we decided to take it out. It was so much fun.

Camera Roll-59

I think we need a few more so we can go on expeditions. I’ve told A this — I hope he’ll get to work.

Sunday night we played trivia at a nearby pub and we came in third! This has never happened — I think it was a confluence of questions we happened to know, plus the fact that a sibling of one of N’s friends who happens to know a lot about reality television came along, and there happened to be a section of reality tv shows. Anyway, it was extremely heartening.

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Last of all, we celebrated Thanksgiving a few months early. N missed last year, and will miss the next three, so we threw a modified Thanksgiving together at the last moment and a few of her friends came by — it was really fun and very tasty. It seemed like an appropriate sendoff. (We will miss her birthday, too, which is around that time of year.) (Clearly there was no time to iron the tablecloth.)

All right — now I am very tired, and I think I may go home soon and collapse.