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Spring is exploding here — these two roses are out the kitchen window, and in the backyard the mock orange and the Cecile Brunner are blooming.

N and her friends had set up a table outside in the garden to play the Settlers of Catan. One of them stayed until late at night working on a jigsaw puzzle. This is her second day home, and already the house is much livelier. It’s nice to have her home.

More from Columbus

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I like Columbus. There are lots of brick buildings and lots of parks and lots of things to eat. We went to the Columbus Art Museum and I liked that, too — They’re renovating, and the last time I went there was only one back hall open, which led me to believe it was a sad and small affair, but it’s actually much nicer than that, with an interesting American collection.

Meanwhile, back in Gambier, here is the Kokosing River (with geese!),

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and some snowdrops. (Sorry, cellphone picture in the rain.)

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Surf scoters

birding bodega head

So on Sunday we drove up to Sonoma county, along the coast.

It was fantastic — brisk but sunny. We stopped to see the tourist sights (think that movie about birds) and then to buy some fabulous bread, and then crab sandwiches. K and I went home while everyone else carried on to get oysters.

It was a perfect excursion.


It’s raining out!

This happens so rarely that I don’t really know what to do. This was going to be the day I worked in the garden. Actually, I was going to go for a hike this morning and then garden all afternoon.

I guess I could go outside and see — sometimes it looks like it’s raining, but then you go outside and it’s not really so wet –

Or I could read a book . . .