Trees around town

It’s late, and I’m alone, so I thought I would give you the promised post about “trees around town.”


This is some kind of a rare speciman, possibly from Africa. It has no flowers, but nice fall foliage and a pretty shape. It was already moved once from someplace else on campus. With any luck it will survive this new assault — being smack in the middle of the construction workers parking lot — and become a beautiful umbrella in the middle of a new patio.


These gingko trees are so pretty. They really glow on a cloudy day, or at dusk, but that’s hard to photograph.

It’s been a hard week. N was gone (and I wanted to see her). M had many many assignments, plus the promise of many more to come over the holidays. At work, it’s always hard to get anything done around parties and the feeling that you need to go Christmas shopping. Plus, we’re trying to arrange the new offices, which is hard, because they don’t even exist at this point. And it always seem that Those In Charge say, “we’re not arranging this space to account for people’s personalities” when it comes to your department, but NOT when it comes to their own, or those of the people who whine, which in turn makes you feel like you’d better whine, too. It also seems that we spend hours discussing the arrangement of tables for the Whiney Ones, and then the fact that the woman in your department who needs to work with 6 huge trucks is squeezed into a 60 ft workspace is just something we’ll have to deal with, nevermind that it’s going to be like a huge intestinal blockage for the other people across the hall from her who are pretty much going to be unable to get into their desks at all. At least the talkative woman is sequestered down the hall far away from the people who don’t wish to consider personalities. In a 140 square ft office, although it seems to me that a simple chair would do.


A Japanese maple on my way home.

Oh dear. I really hate getting caught up in office politics. I’m unable to whine effectively, so I just get sarcastic, which I’m afraid never helps my cause. I think I need to look at our space one more time and try to fix what needs fixing. Mostly it’s okay. There are annoying unfairnesses, but those are really nothing I can do anything about. The things I want to fix should not really affect anyone else — anyone else likely to whine, that is. I think we can solve the intestinal blockage without causing distress to anyone outside our office.


Here are the gingkos at night. Sorry, I’m afraid they’re hard to see.


And I think this is another one.

I’m not exactly sure why I feel so out of sorts. Part of it is surely the holidays, which we are singularly unprepared for, but maybe that’s okay. Maybe a sort of pared down holiday is good. I was so ecstatic to not be going anywhere, but I’m now remembering how un-Christmassy it always feels around here. I suppose I’m just being a pill, but then — why am I not allowed to be a pill?

Maybe that’s the tricky thing — figuring out what I want. Maybe I can’t have what I want, but I should probably at least know what it is.


Here is our tiny little gingko tree. I am sure it will be much more impressive next year. But already it is a nice shade of yellow. See?

Hmmm. I think that’s it. I want to figure out what I want, and then if I can’t have it — because M needs me here, or because the noisy one gets the enormous office so that no one has to hear her long conversations on the phone — it’s okay. (Especially the M part.)

I think what I want is to go skiing with my friend L in Maine in January, and N can come with us. I would love to have M and K, too, but they may not want to come, and if they don’t, well — okay.


I will leave you with some turkeys from yesterday. Aren’t they cute?

And now I’ll check the plans one more time, and then I’m off to bed.

Bah humbug.

But I think I’ll feel better in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Trees around town

  1. That Japanese Maple is gorgeous and I like your baby ginko. How fast do they grow? I, too, am feeling very un-Christmassy. To the point that I had a fleeting thought yesterday of cancelling my flight plans and spending it blissfully alone at home. But I’m not sure it would be worth the family shitstorm that would set off. Blah. Good luck with the office nonsense – I would probably, like you, become sarcastic…or even outwardly rude…to the whiners. Again, I say blah.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for including the nighttime gingko, it makes me nostalgic for walking around campus after dark. I see from your more recent post that some things are better – how was unsilent night? We had an unusually calm (before the storm) day of opening presents early and just hanging out. Tomorrow starts the frenzy of family that will last for days. Your front door with wreath is so festive 🙂
    xoxo, me

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