Greetings from the House of Pain


Whoever thought it would be a good idea for children to have four wisdom teeth carved painfully from their heads 4 days before Christmas was an absolute idiot.

As is the dentists’ office who didn’t come straight out and say, until I called them this morning, that the amount of pain medication recommended on the bottle “won’t begin to touch [the excruciating pain]” and that you really have to double it to even function.

The good news is, I think the pain is now just from having their jaws manhandled, and not from some hideous infection or “dry socket.” (What ever that is, I never want to suffer from it, nor do I want anyone I’ve ever encountered however briefly to experience it either.)

However, in between nights spent in agony on the bathroom floor and hours spent moaning in pain waiting for inadequate meds to kick in, it’s been a good Christmas. These are the things we exchanged: woolly things, earrings, books, games and puzzles. M got electronic stuff and N wanted footwear. I have new slippers. We went to friends’ house last night, which was great — there was no way we could have made dinner, and it was nice to get out of the house of pain. Also, it meant that K and I could eat chewy foods. If we eat them at our house, people look at us sadly.

Anyway — I’ve got to run out and get more supplies, and then pick up the keys to the house we rented in the snow. Hooray — I don’t even know if we’ll ski. We may just stay inside and do puzzles, and that will be fine with me.



(Lass and Freshhell — that poor baby Jingles. Not a sight to see after experiencing bodily trauma. Did you know they send your teeth home with you? Also not a sight you really want to see –)


One thought on “Greetings from the House of Pain

  1. Oh! This sounds terrible. I am so sorry – it sounds as though it was a Christmas to remember – for the wrong reasons. I hope that the pain has subsided now and you are all able to enjoy the holidays.

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