So —

J.D. Salinger is dead. What is actually shocking, I think, is that he was 91! I read all of his books in high school. He was one of my first independent projects — On my own I went to the library and took out all his books and read all the books about him. It was before I discovered the bigger library downtown, because I remember it being one of the first times I had ever used the adult section, which was upstairs at the Turn-of-River branch. I remember reading about the Glass family while the kids I was babysitting slept. It was at the F___’s house, a family I felt was far more suited to me than was my own. When I read his books, I had the feeling that if I was 15 or 16, he was probably 27 or 28. Which would have made him 63 at most, now, not 91.

Hmm. I should read them again.

It’s threatening to rain again, and perhaps rain all weekend and all next week.

Good thing I like rain.

Nothing to say

  • M’s finals have begun, which makes them that much closer to finished.
  • Things around here have become so absurd as to be laughable. Kind of.
  • The rain seems to have tapered off. Hmmm.
  • The marbling of the cover of this Cherokee code (you should see the alphabet — it’s incredible) includes a red that matches the box holding the Perpetual Laws of Massachusetts perfectly. Perhaps I ought not to disturb this particular pile.
  • Would more coffee help, or hurt? Sometimes it’s hard to say.
  • Oh, I tried a new setting at the gym this morning — cardio 1, I think. Piece of cake except for the part where you’re supposed to step backward. That was hard.
  • Also, by not buying a monthly parking pass at work I have saved $400 over the past seven months. Isn’t that appalling?
  • Got to go.

Still raining


. . . despite the fact that the weatherman said it was going to dry up.

It’s okay.

Gym this morning, plus corn-cherry scone, plus a walk to work through the rain and then the bus showed up. And a new red skirt.

That’s what’s up around here.

Oh, Monday

Oh, and now it’s Monday. That will surely help.

On the other hand, M is nearly finished with her Little Red Riding Hood painting and it is lovely. RRH’s hood is a lovely deep red, the wolf has some seriously evil teeth and the wood is dark, deep and mysterious. So that’s good.

She’s started Rumplestiltskin, who is in a grey stoney room, spinning some lovely yellow straw.

So that’s good.

And I’m nearly finished with a cardigan for M. I’m sewing the estonian “apple tree wood” buttons on, and they are beautiful, and I’ve started another for N out of a really nice greeny-grey tweedy wool. So that’s good.

I’m trying to think of another good thing. Oh, I went out to run an errand and found that I’d gotten a parking ticket at 10:01 because my parking sticker had expired at 10:00. In a fit of pique I decided to leave the car home after the errand and take the bus. When the bus never came, I had a lovely walk through the rain. So that was nice.

(Ha. It actually kind of was.)

So thanks, universe, for the parking ticket. And the budget cuts which have caused the bus to run less frequently. It’s all just contributing to my total fitness and my delight in nature.

[Insert rude saying here.]

[Bye. I think it’s time for lunch.]


A giant cloud of grumpiness has descended upon me. Is it politics? Is it the slow internet? Is it that I’m busier than I like to be? Not sure, but it is certainly here.

Here is a partial list of the things that are bothering me.

  • The weather. It is raining, which is great, but my brother came over yesterday and told me that I ought to be pruning the roses. It is January! Can I not have one month to sit on the couch and read before needing to do something in the garden? That’s absurd. (He also said, oh as long as it’s before Superbowl Sunday, as if I would be likely to have the faintest of clues as to when that is. Don’t tell me — I don’t want to know.)
  • Politics. I’m sure Obama has done many fine things while he’s been in office. Just not being Bush or McCain means that there are countless bad things (declaring unreasonable wars, cutting down national forests) that he has not done, and that would really be enough. But why can’t he let people know? And why can’t he just do a few other things — get health care passed, close Guantanamo — which should be done, and so the republicans hate it — who cares? Why all this bipartisan crap? Why can’t someone stuff Joe Lieberman in a mailbox and just leave him there? My god do I hate that man.
  • M’s high school. I would say it ranks up there with US Senate as far as total ineptitude. I don’t even want to talk about it. I just went to a meeting this morning for its volunteer fundraising committee. I nearly gnawed my arm off. One lady piped up about whether “closing the achievement gap” was part of our mission statement. Lady, we are so far from closing the achievement gap. Give me a break. The school does not have qualified teachers or custodial services. Their response? Let’s get rid of science labs, screw the schedule up and offer each kid 6 more classes! And open up a new small school! That will take the 1 qualified science teacher and put him out of reach of 97% of the kids! If everyone fails, there will be no achievement gap! Success!

Okay. My sister sent me a recipe for hot fudge sauce, which I am going to make right now. I am not making dinner (there is soup if people are hungry) and I am not going to the gym.

Lucy checks things out

Jan 22

It’s still raining here.

It’s Friday. I am at work. I think I am still exhausted by the gym business. I managed to sleep through the alarm this morning. Oh well — I guess I can go tonight. Yes, I am very enthusiastic.

In other news, there really is no other news. I could tell you about work, but that’s not so exciting. I am cataloging a set of danish laws which is crumbling all over me. Then there seems to be some kind of mess in Arizona.


A good day to go home and eat some soup, I think.