So —

J.D. Salinger is dead. What is actually shocking, I think, is that he was 91! I read all of his books in high school. He was one of my first independent projects — On my own I went to the library and took out all his books and read all the books about him. It was before I discovered the bigger library downtown, because I remember it being one of the first times I had ever used the adult section, which was upstairs at the Turn-of-River branch. I remember reading about the Glass family while the kids I was babysitting slept. It was at the F___’s house, a family I felt was far more suited to me than was my own. When I read his books, I had the feeling that if I was 15 or 16, he was probably 27 or 28. Which would have made him 63 at most, now, not 91.

Hmm. I should read them again.

It’s threatening to rain again, and perhaps rain all weekend and all next week.

Good thing I like rain.

Nothing to say

  • M’s finals have begun, which makes them that much closer to finished.
  • Things around here have become so absurd as to be laughable. Kind of.
  • The rain seems to have tapered off. Hmmm.
  • The marbling of the cover of this Cherokee code (you should see the alphabet — it’s incredible) includes a red that matches the box holding the Perpetual Laws of Massachusetts perfectly. Perhaps I ought not to disturb this particular pile.
  • Would more coffee help, or hurt? Sometimes it’s hard to say.
  • Oh, I tried a new setting at the gym this morning — cardio 1, I think. Piece of cake except for the part where you’re supposed to step backward. That was hard.
  • Also, by not buying a monthly parking pass at work I have saved $400 over the past seven months. Isn’t that appalling?
  • Got to go.

Still raining


. . . despite the fact that the weatherman said it was going to dry up.

It’s okay.

Gym this morning, plus corn-cherry scone, plus a walk to work through the rain and then the bus showed up. And a new red skirt.

That’s what’s up around here.