I have been working fiercely in the garden. I think I’ve been inspired by all the gardening books I’ve been reading. I toyed briefly with the idea of getting a plot in a community garden around here — there seem to be some — but have decided for now to try to work with what I have in the backyard which, if you consider all the pieces here and there around the edges, should be enough to grow quite a bit.

So I put in three tomatoes, and I’ve got a lot of beans, which I think I’ll put along the back wall; lettuces, which I’ll put by the hammock; and chard, near the bird bath. I’m being more vigorous about amending the soil. For perennials my attitude has always been — if you can’t grow in the soil we’ve got, you’re not for me. But I think a person may have to make allowances for vegetables.

It appears that a family of towhees may have made a nest in the mock orange right outside the backdoor, which would be great if I weren’t worried about Lucy. She’s been staring intently from the deck into the middle of the bush and this morning she actually crawled off the deck into the bush, about halfway up. The birds were quite upset. I’m not sure they’ve actually built the nest or where just considering the location. I hope they haven’t got as far as eggs, which would be difficult for them to move. I know they’re sort of sloppy about nest-making. Anyway. I’ve got her inside now. She’s looking out the door.

Tomatoes and cats — what a life.

UPDATE: There’s more than a nest — there’s a baby bird! I put some screening across the deck so Lucy can’t climb in to the nest. The towhees are still around — they don’t seem to have abandoned their baby. !!! M and I have been walking around other parts of the backyard, demonstrating to the birds that we have no idea where their nest is, and furthermore we’re really not interested. I hope we’re fooling them.


9 thoughts on “Birds

  1. We almost always get birds nesting in the hanging plants I put outside some really big windows that look out over the deck, so we can watch the parents go back and forth.

    Also, you left out chocolate.

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