I don’t know to what to attribute this, but I’m involved in a group at Large Urban Public School, where M goes to school, and it is possibly the most annoying thing I have ever devoted my time to.

Part of the problem is that it is a fundraising group, and the people who run fundraising groups can tend to be icky. Not always, and they certainly do good work, but they are kind of like realtors. I actually really liked our real estate person, but she was completely atypical.

See — now I am just being mean.

I joined because two of my friends were on it — they have long since left — and also because I thought it would be a good way to find out what was going on around the school. And it was useful for that.

Certainly part of what was so annoying is that the school itself is so annoying.

Another part is having to deal with so many personalities and so many quirks about what is and isn’t reasonable to spend money on.

Anyway, I just got back from a meeting in which we voted to spend $800 on graduation stoles for 11 students, and over a thousand to send a club of about 8 kids to a national meeting, but would not spend $3,000 to send 110 at risk students on a summer camping trip as part of a summer school program.

To the people who voted against it it was because of all kinds of other reasons — the city is supposed to fund it; it’s run by another larger non-profit who shouldn’t be coming to us — but the fact of the matter is that the city cut this program, which they have funded for 25 years and which is apparently very successful, two weeks ago, so they came to us. We could have said we’ll fund you just this once and not again. Oh, another reason was because they have only picked 110 kids, and maybe the opportunity was not afforded to every kid.

Anyway, I am totally disgusted, but if I’m honest I have not really felt like it’s a group I belong on anyway since my friends left. I’ve never really clicked with any of them, although I do like some of the people who are just coming on. In any case, I’ve got one meeting left, and I may in fact just turn over my position early to the woman who’s taking it over. I think she’d probably be only too happy to take it, and then I wouldn’t have to sit though being insincerely appreciated and given flowers.

Bah. It’s possible that some of my reaction is due to my not having eaten dinner. It’s a well known fact that I can become quite unpleasant if not regularly fed.

But I still think it’s disgusting.

On the other hand I probably should go to the last meeting, if only to be a feeble vote in favor of buying the highly successful reading program for the special ed students who receive no funding at all from anyone, apparently. Not that it will help — someone will probably dislike the type of pencils they’ve selected to go along with the programs and that will be the end of that. Mechanical pencils are made of plastic, which is very bad. But wooden pencils have their problems too!

Okay, now I am losing it.

I sent a long, well-considered message to N this afternoon, advising her that we would be unable to hire her here at the library, and agreeing with her that staying in Maine would be really fun, but if she’s serious about that she should start looking for employment now. I got a message back right away.

Yeah I have an interview in the library already tomorrow morning, and one at a diner in lewiston. Gotta go play football, bye

What a nut.


4 thoughts on “Crabbiness

    • You are really right about this. I think I have found the only 20 non-annoying people in the world right here on the internet.

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