It is fun to go out

We went out with some friends last night for dinner, and to see Josh Kornbluth’s monologue on Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?, which was really good. (I actually think the show has changed a bit since that review.) He’s funny, but also really sweet.

One interesting thing he pointed out was that Warhol’s portraits, which are all the same size, were sort of designed to be displayed in a rectangular grid like the icons are in the Ruthenian Catholic church he went to growing up. I think that’s fascinating.

Icons in general are fascinating. I saw a bunch in Russia, and then also, oddly, in Stockholm, where the National Gallery has an amazing collection. They’re much more interesting than you’d think — the background, the choice of colors. I think they’re beautiful.

Anyway — it was fun to go out. I was sort of annoyed with it at the moment — I was in the middle of my lettuces, covered with dirt, and not really in the mood to go anywhere. But it really was fun.

I am determined to drag these friends into an allotment with me. One of them is a really good carpenter, and another has an amazing back yard. Plus, I think it would be a fun thing to do with other people. I think if we get on the list now, we’ll get a garden in about 3 years, by which point they won’t be so busy. This is my plan.

It’s fun to go out, and it’s also useful to have a plan.

Happy Monday.


10 thoughts on “It is fun to go out

  1. A lot of my mother’s early paintings are icons and triptychs (sp?). Particularly those Etruscan and Roman portraits of people with large dark eyes and circlets around their heads. This is why I was giving a Roman-ish name.

  2. In the ’60’s, her main focus was Egyptian, Roman and Etruscan art and artifacts. I’ll have to take some photographs of her house sometime. Then she went to Italy (and has been back – mainly to Florence – a couple times since) to visit tombs,etc.

  3. Yeah, I grew up looking at variations on that theme. She used to use gold leaf, too. I will have to take some pictures and give y’all a tour of the house I grew up in. I just wish she were an easier person to be around.

  4. I had to look up “encaustic.” What I’ve read about your mother made me think it was possible that the term actually had something to do with being caustic in the critical (metaphorical) sense.

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