Let me explain about how I am being contrary.

We have a book club at work now. We’re supposed to be reading Let the Great World Spin.

I’m sure it’s a good book, but I have been struck with the overwhelming need to finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest before I can start it. This is a book I have been not reading for about a month now, maybe two.

You see why I’m a librarian, right? Nobody bothers to boss librarians around.

All right, I should find the stupid thing and get on with it, but I am a little sad to be putting the Hornet’s Nest down again.

Jimmy is sleeping on the kitchen table. The birds are still alive — at least I assume they are because I see their parents fluttering around the arch and the loquat tree, and they peep very loudly to warn each other whenever we go outside. It is very exciting.


6 thoughts on “Contrary

  1. I think it’s your duty as a reader to finish the Hornet’s Nest. I’m on a waiting list at the library for it. It will supersede anything else I happen to be reading when it finally arrives. Plus, it’ll be two-week loan so I’ll have to read fast.

    I also totally understand your previous crabbiness. Having worked in the fund raising field all my career, I agree that f.r.s are some of the most obnoxious people on the planet. I’m a researcher so I’m better than them. 🙂

  2. Thank you Claudia — perhaps I will have to do as you say.

    I think these people are even worse because they’re not professional fund raisers. Actually, the professional fundraisers at my institution are even mostly reasonable people. Well, some of them anyway. Not so much the special collections ones. But really, these women. Especially lately they don’t seem to want to spend money on anything, even though we have money. They’ll spend 45 minutes arguing whether a particular teacher should be allowed to spend a blanket $200 classroom needs grant on dictionaries. They’re middle class moms, many — but not all — of whom don’t work. I think it’s hard for anyone to understand the validity of something that isn’t something you or your kid would use, but they’ve gotten worse, lately. They’ve become sticklers, and they’re all about making rules for things we won’t spend money on and less about — well, this is not something I would want, but I can see how it might be useful to someone else. Anyway — I am done with them. Thank god.

  3. What’s worse (or the same just on a different level) is the faculty vs development staff issues. The faculty dream up stuff (lectures, events) and just think we’re going to make them happen. They don’t suggest invitees – somehow we can magically do that. They don’t approve anything until it’s too late to change it. We do their work and then accept their criticism.

    I considered getting involved in the fund raising at the kids’ school but decided that would be a bad idea. I don’t have that kind of time and plus, those PTA meetings always interfere with yoga class. I have my priorities. And they don’t include the PTA.

  4. Yes, I can see how you would be in a totally thankless position.

    I got involved for very selfish reasons — as a way of finding out what was going on around the school. But I’m not sure the information was ever worth the annoyance factor. Plus, your kids are still so little — if you’re going to go out at night, it should definitely be for something you really want to do — like yoga.

  5. Oh, my original intention was completely selfish. But, I can only do so much in a given week, you know? I’d rather hang out with my kids at night.

    Also: I’m #22 on the list for Hornet’s Nest. Gonna be a long wait. Sigh.

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