An outing

I went to see The Secret of Kells last night, which was pretty great. Although . . . I think it might have been greater in a theater that had a better print. It kept getting stuck, and the colors weren’t quite as bright as they were in a preview I saw a while ago in a different theater.

Still good, though.

The character Aisling sounded exactly like my niece Ailish. Hmm.

The good thing for today is that it’s Friday. I have stuff and more stuff to do, and then it will be Saturday and I can catch up on everything else.

It’s a double life I lead — always behind somewhere. If I could get the kitchen floor washed I think the whole world would seem like a better place. In reality, I would then start to worry about the packages in the hall waiting to be mailed.



3 thoughts on “An outing

  1. I think about my kitchen floor, too. When I step in something sticky and then my attention is diverted elsewhere. And more sticky places emerge. One day, we’ll all just be stuck to it like flies in jam.

    I guess at that point I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

  2. I took the morning off and cleaned house a bit, including the very sticky kitchen floor. And it didn’t take half as long as I’d feared it might!

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