Someone gave M, for her birthday, one of those teeny novelty gardens. Since her birthday is near valentine’s day, it was a tiny pot in which you could plant little flowers that are shaped like hearts. A week or so ago, in a fit of room cleaning, she actually planted them. They came up and she has been tending them carefully ever since. Because the pot is so small they require daily watering.

I called her yesterday from work, after school, to see if she wanted to go see a movie with me. She was in tears. In the midst of exams and art portfolios, she had forgotten to water them and they were dead.

“It’s not a big thing,” she said. “It’s just that on top of everything else it’s just one thing too many.”

She watered them anyway. I think they may have come back.


2 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. 😦 It is hard to keep it all going, keep everything alive. Dusty brought home some morning glories in a makeshift pot and guess who is watering them until we get around to planting them?

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