Toast update

Two toasts so far —

1. The first with old friends C and G, who we met when we moved out here right after my graduation so K could go to graduate school. They invited us for dinner, and we took the opportunity to initiate the toasting process. G told me, “When we first met you, we thought of you as babies. You know that, right?” I’m sure they did — most people are babies at 22 and 23. They are something like 8 and 18 years older than we are. Silver tequilla shots. Quite tasty. We discussed the fun we will have next year when we are child-free — they have a daughter M’s age. Also, this is the year of their 30th anniversary. It’s the pearl anniversary, not, as I felt certain, the papier mache anniversary.

2. The second this morning at a sort of mother’s day brunch, cooked my K while M and I made a coffee cake and arranged about a billion flowers from the garden. It’s amazing. Then we ate the brunch and M filled out her roommate questionnaire, etc. A companionable morning. Kava with pomegranate juice. We decided that champagne could be considered a sort of silvery drink.

Now I have a stomach ache. Think I’ll finish up the laundry and call it a day.


3 thoughts on “Toast update

  1. A leisurely morning in which one arranges flowers and makes coffeecake whilst someone else cooks a meal sounds like the official definition of heaven on earth. I’m halfway there – my man could cook up something sensational – but my flower-arranging would be accompanied by people screaming and fighting over the marble run and tearing up each other’s stuff.


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