Weekend — the results

  1. I’m reading a biography of Julia Child. Someone at work had also read the Julie/Julia book and My life in France and knew I had, too, and so passed this on to me. It’s called Appetite for Life : the Biography of Julia Child, by Noel Riley Fitch. It’s informative, but the writing is hideous. I’ll have to look for some examples. Ugh. But interesting. Also, Paul sounds a little creepy and horrible – in a letter to his brother he writes of Julia when he’s getting to know her: ” She is really a good friend, and though limited in relation to my concept of la femme integrale, she is still understanding, warm, funny and darling . . . ” Ick.
  2. I was forced to try a new machine at the gym on Saturday, and now my calves are killing me. Hmm. Slightly addictive. Also, I now understand why I felt so wrecked after using it.
  3. We have roses all over the house, but I let M take the pinks up to her room. I’ll have to pick some more, because they smell delicious.

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