Oh, so that biography of Julia got much better. Perhaps as she got older there was less to speculate about.

And now I’m reading Let the Great World Spin. Probably you’ve heard something about it by now. Let’s just say, it’s better than I thought it was going to be. It opened with the two Irish brothers, one of whom is attracted to drunkery and god and becomes a monk and that’s just a story I don’t want to read about. Oh, and then there are prostitutes and heroin, another story in which I have zero interest. Or perhaps negative interest. But it actually gets better, and there are hopeful bits. I’m not quite finished, but I’d say it’s not the worst book in the world. And I think he actually does the voices of the fairly different characters pretty well — I guess it’s the old story of “we live and then we die and that’s life,” but it’s fairly well done.

There’s my ringing endorsement.

But I did read most of it on the plane ride home, and it did keep my attention. So, you know.

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