From a far away country

News from N.

  • She’s working graduation, so has a place to stay between when school ends and when the lease on the summer apartment begins.
  • The library job actually sounds much less boring than the one she did here. Pays less, but then it costs less to live there.
  • She can work off the rent by cleaning and painting the apartment, plus two others. (Hmm. She’s not much of a painter, actually, as far as I know.)
  • It seems that she is turning into a grown-up person. But then, I guess she nearly is one.
  • Suddenly this song has popped into my head. I remember singing it with N when she was a baby.

    Tom, he was a piper’s son,
    He learned to pipe when he was young;
    The only song that he could play
    Was over the hills and far away.
    Over the hills and a long way off
    The wind shall blow my top-knot off


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