Bernoulli’s principle

Okay, I’m grumpy. But why? I think I may be hungry — that’s a traditional cause. Perhaps a snack is in order.

M made a lovely power point about the flight of birds for her physics presentation. It all has to do with Bernoulli’s principle — air has to travel faster over the top of a wing than over the bottom (because of a wing’s shape) and faster moving air exerts less pressure than slower moving air, so the wing goes up. I think.

Isn’t that kind of interesting?

It was peppered with nice pictures of little birds about to take flight, and big birds running across the water to build up enough speed to take off and colorful birds turning and going up and down and drifting around in thermals.

And yesterday a large crow was hanging around on the back porch. M thought he was beautiful, but he made me, and the cats, a little uneasy.

Part of my grumpiness is also due to next week’s last meeting of the annoying school fundraising group I’ve been involved in. I’ve just been reviewing the grant proposals and the comments of the other members on the proposals. I’m sad to say that some of the other members stubbornly persist in their wrong thinking and will not agree with me. I’m kidding, but it actually is annoying. There’s one woman who’s a stickler. There’s nothing that drives me crazier than a stickler. A smoother person than I would figure out how to get around her. I just fume ineffectually. But it’s my last meeting, and that’s a good thing.

And I should tell you that my book group met and my friend A absolutely loved Cutting for Stone and wept all the way through it and did not find it so poorly written as to make her want to throw the book across the room. So — if I’ve discouraged you from reading it, you might want to think again.

I am constantly interested in the differences between A’s and my taste in books. We like many of the same things with a few key differences. She likes science fiction, for instance, which I do not, and I love Swedish detective novels, and she does not, and that in fact may be the key to our different opinions about Cutting for Stone. It seems to me that science fiction is kind of about plot, which to me is not the most important thing, and maybe Swedish detective stories are about atmosphere, which I think matters more to me. Cutting for Stone was definitely long on plot (plot and nothing but plot, in my opinion).

I think I may be on to something here.

Okay — I’m off to find a snack.


8 thoughts on “Bernoulli’s principle

  1. Snacks are always in order. Also, Dusty loves to create powerpoint presentations on my laptop for no other reason than “it’s fun.” To which I say….knock yourself out. Her latest one has music on it.

  2. I have no idea how she did it but each page features a musical instrument or a kind of music (ie, blues) and a matching piece of music to accompany it.

  3. At the Boy Scout campout AJ and I went to a couple of weeks ago, they taught us about Bernoulli’s principle by dividing the kids into pairs. Each half of the pair had to run to the same tree, but one had to take a longer route. They had to arrive at the same time. So they showed how one had to travel faster and said that was how airflow around a wing worked. It was fun and interesting.

    • I remember that! The part I didn’t know was about the pressure, and I think that’s where lift comes from.

  4. I don’t like crows, especially those huge crows that look like they could carry off a small child. I think it stems from being allowed to watch “The Birds” before I was old enough.

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