Party planning

We’re in the midst of planning a small party for M’s graduation.

We, well, I, have put together a nice evite, complete with a picture of M. This is a first — I usually just use some template. So that’s good.

Next, working from rosters of schools and childcare places she’s attended since she was 6 months old, I have cobbled together at least a phone number for nearly everyone. Not sure if they all still work, though.

Now I have to call several people and hope that they still live where they used to, and also get M to figure out who else she wants to invite and then figure out how she’s going to do it. The dreaded FB would probably work. M hates it.

Very complicated. If it just turns out that it’s only my brother and N and a few friends, it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

And then I’ve got to get the grass cut (it’s very long at the moment) and figure out what we’ll eat. Music — Harriet, we’ll probably use your excellent summer compilation.

Oh, and I’d better get the running toilet in the downstairs bath fixed — this is why it’s good to have parties, actually.

And there we are!


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