summer projects

Phew. We have completed our part of a rather massive summer project. What a relief! I actually spent part of the weekend wrapping it up, and I handed it off this morning to the next person down the line and now I actually have time to breathe again.

It feels pretty spectacular.

And I sent out the invitation to the party for people from work that we’re having at my house later this summer and that feels good, too. Hopefully it will be fun.

My friend A, the boy half of the friends A and A, said a few years ago when their kid went away to college that being suddenly kidless was great — like life before kids, except you live in a better place and have more money. I am beginning to see what he meant — we absolutely live in a better place and although it’s hard to say we have more money, given that we’ll be paying two tuitions, watching N this summer makes me remember what it was life to live on $200 dollars a month, and we actually do have more money than that. Hmmm.

It feels like a luxurious amount of time is what it feels like. I assume parts will be boring and possibly lonely, but I am kind of looking forward to all that time, and a reclaiming of my attention. Hmmm. Might be okay after all.


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