Return of M

M is coming back today. I have to go to the airport to get her.

I think this trip has been good for her. On her way out, I took her to the airport and went in with her as far as I could and then hung out for occasional consultation until the plane took off, and again the next morning while she transferred in New York from one plane to another and again in Portland when N (shocking, I know) was a bit late to pick her up and wasn’t answering her phone.

This time I spoke with her briefly the day before because, oddly, no one in Massachusetts appears to have the internet. So she confirmed all her numbers and times and then I had to go. I tried to call her back later to go over it again but I couldn’t reach her.

I texted her while she was at the airport this morning and she wondered why I was even awake. She must have remembered to have her passport on hand and figured out how to operate boarding pass dispenser on her own. She let me know when she was at her gate in Chicago but responded with impatience to my probing inquiries about whether it was in fact the right gate.

Clearly I am not needed any more. Given the fact that in about a month and a half we’ll be leaving her all on her own in Ohio, this is probably a good thing. Right?

4 thoughts on “Return of M

  1. It seems good, seeing as this is the child who was worried she’d get lost in New York or Portland. On the other hand, she’s also the child who went to Italy by herself, so I did have some confidence that she could do it, even if she didn’t.

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