El pulpo Paul

This has nothing to do with the octopus. I just like saying his name.

Tomorrow I have to go to the annual conference. It will be fine — I just hate thinking about having to get ready and go. At least it’s not too far away (Denver) so it doesn’t take a whole day to get there. That’s a good thing.

It was K’s birthday yesterday (and Jeanne’s!). We went out for tapas and came home for a fancy cake. Apparently he wants socks for his birthday, so I’ll see if I can find any in Denver.

Eating tapas made me feel more inclined to support Spain in the world cup. (See, I guess it is a world cup post after all!) But then I went to the Dutch team’s website and saw this. I couldn’t really understand it, but there’s something endearing about it anyway. Hmmm.


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