Where I’ve gone

Mostly you’ll find me over here for the next day or so. Go on, click over. I’m a little lonely, to tell you the truth.

Conferences are difficult, to tell you the truth. There’s the lack of sleep, and the feeling that you should have done much more than you have over the past year. Also, I think a lot of my friends aren’t here — well, that’s not exactly true. Maybe I’m just tired.

Denver is also an odd city. I can see why my sister likes it. It feels very much like a northern midwestern city — like Fargo, or Minneapolis. I think the altitude makes it seem further north than it is. But it’s actually quite flat, although surrounded by mountains, and it has that flat, treeless, brick feeling that other cities in the northern midwest have. It needs a train to come whistling through the middle of town.

I like it. It’s a good place to grow lilacs, I’ll bet, and certainly black eyed susans.

So there’s the atmospheric horticultural report.

I want to tell you about the Alexandria Quartet. Well, maybe I’ll do it now — I have no one to talk to in any case. You have to read past Justine. I’ll admit that there’s not much of a story in Justine, and that it’s a bit, uh, purple and overblown. I guess it’s of its time. But you have to keep going and read them all — the story is in all of them, and it’s actually a good story. Honestly, you must persist.

Okay — my sad solitary hamburger is getting cold. When the kids were small it was the biggest treat in the world to have a hotel room to myself. I still do like it, kind of, but mostly it just feels a little lonely.

Well, there you go. Guess I’ll go watch CNN all by myself.



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