Okay, I’m back

DSC02324, originally uploaded by SpruceSt.

Denver is actually pretty nice. They have a real bookstore, the Tattered Cover. I’d forgotten what a treat it is to be in a real bookstore, where the staff has selected books you might like and scattered them around on tables. And, they have lots of big brick buildings that were formerly warehouses or machinery things. There’s an REI along the river in an enormous old building that used to be a power plant. It’s very very dry, and quite high, which is exhausting, and has the feeling that towns in the northern midwest have — lots of brick and very open and very light. I enjoyed it.

And now I am back and we are furiously enjoying summer, as well as making sure we have everything to send M away. We have purchased towels and extra long sheets, a new pair of jeans, a new pair of paddock boots. We’re also trying to make it to every museum in town before she goes. So far we’ve only made it here, but that was excellent.

We leave in less than a month to see family before we drive M to Ohio.

And she’s riding a lot, and also working here two days a week repairing books, which she likes a lot.

So — there’s more, but it will have to wait.


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