I’m so tired, and I’m not sure why. I almost wonder if I’m coming down with something. I feel creaky everywhere, and tired.

Here’s my attempt at a Three Beautiful Things post.

1. The euphorbia I bought before I left and put in the living room has lots of new flowers — green on top of larger pink ones.

2. Last night K and I sat in the living room after dinner. He was working on something and I was reading. Lucy sat on the back of the couch and Jimmy on a chair. They’re keeping us in sight — there’s been a rather alarming decrease in the population around the house, so they need to keep their eyes on us.

3. A woman stood up to get off this bus this morning and I noticed that she was carrying an enormous bouquet of Birds of Paradise. They will look wonderful in her office.

Hmmm. Not very convincing, is it?

I’m trying to talk myself into or out of this kayaking trip to Loon Lake. It’s a weekend when K will be away.

In the one hand, I certainly have the time.
On the other, it costs money. But not that much . . .



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