Lyme disease

I’m sure I have lyme disease.  My head is stuffy in a weird way. My joints hurt and I’m really tired.

It’s Lyme disease, right?

Or maybe a cold.


6 thoughts on “Lyme disease

  1. No. I was horrendously achy everywhere last weekend. Awful headache. Everything hurt, stomach a mess. I blame the change of seasons, cooler weather. But I don’t think you have Lyme.

  2. Could be. You never know. I think you might need to lay down on the couch for a couple of days with a mug of hot tea and a cat. And a good book. THat might help.

  3. If you seriously think it’s Lyme disease, you probably don’t want to mess around. My dad has it, and his doctor initially didn’t believe it was Lyme (“There’s no Lyme disease in Missouri!” Yeah, right.). So no antibiotics until it was too late. Now Dad has Parkinson’s, and who knows if it’s really Parkinson’s or a Lyme-related condition.

    (Have a nice day.)

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