Busy morning

It’s been a busy morning, it seems.  I texted M back and forth — she feels she needs a jacket and in between discussing that I got a bit of information. The sculpture class is going well and she’s headed into town to purchase some supplies for more sculptures.

That’s all good — she’s not hiding under her bed in despair.

Apparently she can’t actually talk — I think it’s because her roommate was there.

I finalized our plans to go visit her in October and also called K’s mother to make sure we could use her car. All good.

I checked around on facebook and friends are finding apartments and finishing up degrees and on training rides in Colorado for big charity races coming up.

It’s gorgeous outside. I’m so happy to finally have the time and wherewithal to start cleaning up the garden. I pruned the roses and considered the apple tree. I think I’m supposed to wait until winter to prune it, but it really needs pruning, and I do need to get a path in to the compost o Kevin’s feet don’t get wet this winter.

Everyone else is having a busy morning, too. The hummingbirds are driven to trying the nasturtium flowers, and a neighbor behind and the neighbor next door have been drawn out of their houses by the nice weather to sit in the sn and have long pleasant phone conversations. Neither is speaking English. It’s nice. The woman next door has a very nice laugh.


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