Have you seen this?


8 thoughts on “Kiiking

  1. Oh. Dear. No. Dusty used to wonder if she could get her swing to do that. It won’t thank god! The key is the rigid poles that attach to the string. That, and a death wish.

    • Yes, the latter. I think we were told a story when we were small about a girl who got wrapped up in chains around the top bar from swinging too high. She died, of course.

      • Pardon my indelicate language but, Holy Balls!!

        I seriously felt my neck muscles tensing up as I watched this. One of my deepest playground fears as a kid was that I would inadvertently go over the top bar of the swingset….because I heard a similar urban legend – in fact, if memory serves, my friends and I used to dare each other to use a certain swing at our town park because it was allegedly “the” swing.

  2. Of course. A story like that can’t possibly have a happy ending like, “And she swung round and round and had a great time. And then she did it again!”

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