In the garden


I’m knitting a sock.


Looks like the deer have been around again.


And the lemon shrub has finally started to produce lemons. This is good.


Look at the anemones. They came up all by themselves. I like them a lot.


Can you see the spider? They are everywhere. Be careful when you walk on paths. (I can appreciate spiders, but I don’t really like them. I can appreciate them when they’re not going to touch me.)


I think the deer have been munching on the chard. Either that or I did a very bad job of picking some the other night in the dark.


This aster! It’s at the back and I can see if from the house.


The sock, from far away.


The native creature, in a state of alertness. He never rests.


7 thoughts on “In the garden

  1. What a lovely garden! I wish I had little hideaway places like that. Mine is so wide open, surrounded by pastures. Oh well. I do love that amazing garden spider! I didn’t see many of them this year. I love their zipped up webs.

    • I like the hideaway places, too, but also covet your miles and miles of space. We have old ladies peering down into our yard from just above that aster.

  2. You both need to come to our overgrown garden, which is both secluded and hidden away in back. I love the anemones. And not just because they’re so fun to say (we have an old favorite tongue-twister from Frank and Ernest, I think it was, about a “sea anemone enemy”).

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