I am wearing my new socks. They are even more beautiful in person.

I’ve been watching more and more of Foyle’s War. It’s really good, but two things: The Americans? The accent! There’s a guy who’s supposed to be from Massachusetts and he sounds like he’s from some nonexistent place between Texas and Oklahoma. Ha! They must be really British. It’s kind of sweet. Secondly, in the Bad Blood episode, there are things that don’t make any sense, like, for instance, the timing of the murder. But noticing that only highlights how good the show is generally — the characters are great, the plots complicated, the background interesting.

It’s cooler finally.

I’m sleepy. I think it’s because I stayed up late trying to finish a sleeve on a sweater for N.

This weekend I will make pumpkin muffins to send off to those girls. And probably go to the local music festival. And hopefully go for a hike. And also eat some ice cream.

Okay — time for lunch.


7 thoughts on “October

  1. It cuts both ways, though. British accents in American things are almost always dreadful. The worst obviously is Anthony Lapaglia in Frasier, however much I adore him, I can’t watch the episodes with him in.

  2. I’m sure that’s true. The Minnesota accents in the movie Fargo are not right, either. It’s odd — you can sort of get many elements right, but the whole thing is sort of off somehow. Odd.

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