I think I’m gradually getting accustomed to this new life.

We went to a local music festival this weekend. In general, I sort of hate music festivals. They’re crowded. Crowds make me crabby. This one is good, though. On Saturday it was not that crowded. It has five stages. You can sit up the hill in the trees and read the paper if the music bores you. (In fact, you can leave and go to the bookstore if the music bores you. Always good to have an out.)

Saturday I saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I liked them a lot. You’ve seen this, right?

Sunday I saw Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, also amazing.

K and I brought sandwiches and the paper and my knitting and ate up the hill in the trees. We ran into a few friends. I met one of the people K went to New Orleans with, a kid who lives in Boston. I liked him a lot, actually. This festival is free and in the park, and there was something great about parking the car in a neighborhood out by the ocean and then making our way into and out of the park on little paths. There’s no entrance.

In between I made muffins for the kids and did some laundry and got in a small hike and now I’m at work, but pretty tired.

It’s colder. It’s time to get the garden settled for the winter and think about moving indoors.


5 thoughts on “Hardly

  1. It’s so funny you asked, because I just heard about the Carolina Chocolate Drops a couple of days ago from a singer friend. They’re fantastic. I’m very jealous!

    • Yeah, they were the highlight of the whole thing for me, actually. Go see them if you can. She is an amazing singer.

  2. I feel the same way about those festivals. We have a big folk festival every Oct in the city and I have yet to attend because I think about the hoards of people and lose interest.

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