Valuable information

From our neighborhood newsletter:

Tree in a Box?

If you observe anyone engaging in some suspicious activity that is contributing to this serious problem, please alert the police at 510-981-5XXX or the Parks and Recreation Office at (510) 981-6XXX or the City’s Forestry Division at (510) 981-6XXX.

I went out for a cheese and wine tasting last night — the problematic matter of pairing cheeses with red wines — and I have to admit life seems rosier today. This is what I learned:

  • I love cheese. I love it even more when you call it “cheeses.” That means there’ll be more of it and it will be even tastier.
  • I don’t love wine as much, but I think that’s just because we buy bad wine. If you buy good wine and drink it with cheeses, it’s quite enjoyable.
  • Gouda and manchego are particularly delicious. Yum.
  • Two ounces of cheese, composed of tiny bits of 10 different cheeses artfully arranged on a plate plus five glasses of wine and a handful of almonds and a fig or two makes a fine dinner. Port and a Vermont blue cheese to finish up. Home by 10.

5 thoughts on “Valuable information

  1. I love cheese, though I’ve never had manchego. I love wine even though I can’t afford the expensive stuff. I miss the days when I attended a lot of art openings and could make a dinner of them.

  2. I think I could do an A to Z of cheeses but I would probably refuse to go any further when I got to M for Manchego. Especially if paired with a gutsy Rioja. Not sure I could manage the two ounces bit. That is less than a mouthful on this side of the Atlantic.

    • Maybe it was more — 10 little slivers of cheese. But we had to wait so long in between taking little bites that it lasted much longer than it would normally have. And yes, the rioja did go very nicely with the manchego, but so did a delicious zinfandel and also a rosso di montalcino. (Don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) Now I am remembering how delicious it was.

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