I went on a lovely hike this morning. I’ll have to go back. After a somewhat but not completely mierable climb you come to the top of the ridge from which you can see back the way you’ve come and then over the other way over Martinez and the San Pablo Bay and also, I think. over downtown Concord. It’s really an amazing view

Martinez is pretty industrial. You can see all the refineries — maybe they are in Rodeo or Hercules — but I think you can also see John Muirs’ house, and you can imagine him getting up one day and walking off to Yosemite, which he did indeed use to do. It’s several hundred miles away.

There was all kinds of wildlife, too — many butterflies, a coyote, some deer, a ground squirrel and about 12 hawk all wheeling around. I don’t know why — it’s rare to see even one, actually. The one closest to me kept circling a big tree and crying in that eery way.

And a nice dad and his kid and their tiny dog. They let me use their binoculars to see the coyote, who was hunting. I think the boy was a little worried about the dog.

Anyway — that was all very nice. And now I am back. I finished the second sleeve of  the Sweater. Dinner is sort of all set, although K has eaten some of the sausages that were supposed to be part of it.

We went out for drinks with some friends of ours on Friday night at one of the bars just down the street. (We have bars in walking distance!) It was fun. We walked home and K turned on the ball game. Don’t know if it was the fact that it’s getting a bit colder or what, but it was the first time I’ve actually felt at home in a while.

So that was nice.

Anyway. Let the vacuuming begin.


4 thoughts on “Hiking

  1. It’s a college town, and we live 3 blocks from a little node of activity. It’s kind of like that neighborhood of old houses in Mount Vernon — they’re about three blocks from downtown, right?

  2. Yes, and a hotspot for trick-or-treating! Although they’ve “scheduled” it for a different night than Halloween again this year. A most peculiar local custom.

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