• I’m making dinner to the post game wrap-up on the radio.  I don’t follow baseball anymore, but the Giants are in the playoffs and everyone is very excited about it. Apparently they’re a nice team with young players who are decent guys. (Code for, it’s not that obnoxious Barry Bonds and his steroids this time around.) (Probably code for, there are nice young white kids on this team. But I don’t actually know that, since I don’t really follow it. And one Giant is Uribe, who is the nephew of another Uribe from when I did follow baseball, and he’s definitely Latino.) The thing that I do like is the arcane strategy discussed with such earnestness. I don’t understand it, but there’s something sort of sweet about it.
  • There’s some kind of bird activity going on outside. A bird I don’t recognise keeps calling. I poked my head out and the hummingbirds are chasing each other around the loquat tree.  Very fierce for such tiny creatures.
  • Just saw a dramatic reading of two stories from Olive Kitteredge. What a great book that is. I went with two women from work — a successful outing.
  • After dinner I’m watching the newest Wallander. Exciting! And I’m on the hood of the sweater.

5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I saw Wallander, too. Bleak but good. I do think he needs to be committed so he can get himself together. Then again, where would the fun be in that?

  2. It was Kenneth, and I didn’t like it! Possibly because I had just watched the last Foyle’s war episode and was crime storied out, and possibly because I had just read the book. I’ll try again tonight and see if I like it.

  3. “…hummingbirds are chasing each other around the loquat tree.”

    I like that.

    (Once on the 3rd pitch of a rock climb I saw a hummingbird sitting on the most tiny egg, in a nest so small.)

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