Cooling off

It’s cooling off, finally.  I left all the windows open last night and when I came downstairs the kitchen was actually too cold. It’s still warm upstairs, though. The floorplan upstairs is convoluted and twisting and it doesn’t cool down easily. I occupy myself constantly thinking about which walls to knock out.  Actually, if the windows across the back wall actually opened that would help everything.

It’s a puzzle.

It has been nice, though, to walk around after dark when it’s warm. People are out and the campus and downtown seem more alive than at any other time of year.  I finally realize that October is the month when people are outside at night.

Tomorrow I’m going to attack the garden and figure what needs to be done now, before the winter. We need to fix the path to the compost bin. K refuses to have garden shoes and complains bitterly when his feet get wet taking out the compost. So we need a better path.  (I’m acting quickly, before he moves the bin to the driveway — his plan.) We need to expand the back bed, and also expand the patio where the fire pit is so people sitting there don’t suddenly disappear into the grass, which has happened. This will involve moving some grass around, which is okay. And then I need to think about what to plant before the rain. And if to move the gigantic maneating Cecile Brunner rose, which is not “nearly thornless” as that link seems to think.  I really ought to put that last gate in, too, to keep the deer out.

So, there you have it.




6 thoughts on “Cooling off

  1. It’s nice here at night as well but gets too dark too quickly now. I never have time to get out to the garden on week nights anymore. I think this is the first fall I haven’t been actively planting something or working in the garden. I did some in the vegetable garden but my usual planting of pansies hasn’t happened yet. Too busy.

    • Yeah — I can’t do anything during the week because it’s dark when I get home. So I’ll get what I can done this weekend and that will have to be it. Next weekend we’re away, and then it starts getting to be possibly rainy.

  2. I still have a lot of tomatoes ripening and I don’t have time to pick them – how sad is that? We’ve got a full plate of activities tomorrow so I hope I’ll get something done on Sunday. Maybe this evening I’ll go out (if the rain lets up) and check in on things. There’s a lot more basil to deal with, too. I’d like to close it down by Halloween.

    • sad! I have some chard and a very few tomatoes. Part of what I want to do is put in a bigger bed in the sunny back part of the yard so I can have more vegetables. And flowers.

  3. Our weather here is such that I can garden year-round, but I do have some bulb-planting and other fall-related tasks to do. I can’t seem to get past the “stand in the yard drinking coffee and staring at what needs to be done” stage, though.

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