The weather has turned, at least for now, and it’s fantastic. It’s cooler — even rainy, today, and I have a billion things to get done. I no longer feel like lying on the couch in a stupor.

So — what shall I do, then?

I’m making millionaire’s shortbread, and while I’m doing that I think I’ll clean out the refrigerator. We went over to A and A’s for dinner last night (homemade butternut squash ravioli — so delicious) and it turns out that they have the same refrigerator that we do, and by simply taking out the very odd can rack (I know — who needs that many cans? We have none.) we can rearrange things to accommodate a 6 pack of beer standing up in one place!

I think theirs might actually be slightly larger, but still, I am sure this will help.

I went on a walk this morning in the rain and it was fantastic. It wasn’t so much rain as mist, and fog was drifting in through all the canyons. Fog reveals as much as it hides, I think. It shows the shape of the land, which you would otherwise not even see, as it drifts in. And in hiding some areas completely, other spots become mystifyingly clearer than they ever are on a sunny day. It’s the light, I suppose. Fields of little puffy seedheads were visible in the rain as they caught the rain and turned white against the darker wet grasses. I’m sure they were invisible until it rained.

Okay. I’m off. In case you couldn’t tell, I am very very busy.




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