We’re out of here early tomorrow to go visit M (and Jeanne!!). But first I have to take Jimmy back to the vet because someone, and I suspect the evil Geoffrey, has bitten him in the neck. Of course.

I spoke to N this morning from her laundry room — school is going just fine, apparently, and she wondered if my mother would like to entertain the rugby team the night before they have a game down south.  Or at least let them sleep on her floor.  Probably, I think.

So — I have to get home in order to clean up the house a little bit for my brother, who will be feeding the cats. And I suppose I have to do the laundry so we can pack.

I’m excited — it will be cold, I hope, and maybe there will be a few leaves left, and we will see M.

Do you think I would be crazy to go to a mitten camp? I’m thinking it might be fun.


7 thoughts on “Complications

  1. Mitten camp? Will naughty kittens be there? If so, I say you should go. If it’s just a place to sit and talk and knit mittens, well, you should go.

  2. You better check Jimmy to see if he still has a reflection in the mirror after that neck bite. ‘Tis the season, after all… 😛

    Also, add my yes to the others for mitten camp.

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