My trip to Ohio

So, I’m back.

It was gorgeous.

My previous experience with Ohio has consisted solely of driving through on highway 90 on my way from Connecticut to Minnesota, many times. I believe we needed a new transmission once in Youngstown. And then being highly suspicious of their voting practices in recent elections.

But if you drive further south, away from the industrial wasteland along Lake Erie, it’s really pretty. There are small farms and Amish buggies and lots of horses all over the place and extremely beautiful trees. It was lovely. We came from Pittsburgh, which is really in Appalachia, and then drove west. You can see the countryside changing from mountains to farmland. Anyway, it’s quite lovely — especially at this time of year. We missed the peak of the leaves, but they were gorgeous nonetheless.

And M seems very good. Grown up and handling things in a completely reasonable manner. Amazing. In a way, it was almost worse to see her, because it reminded me how much I miss her. But in another way, it was wonderful to see her. She looks great and is doing well.  We sat in on her Chaucer class, which I was impressed with, and saw her sculpture studio, which was slight terrifying — lots of huge and potentially destructive machines — and distracted her completely from her work so that by the end of the weekend she was quite behind, which is apparently what we’re supposed to do.  Really — the way they set it up, you come to visit in the middle of the semester, just when they have a ton of work, and then you can either distract them, or start worrying about distracting them and then pester them — are you sure you have time to come out to lunch with us? Don’t you have to read the Squires Tale? And that block you’re making? — which of course is the one thing they hate more than anything else.  And which of course, you are really trying not to do.

We drove her deep into Amish country in search of interesting woods for her sculpture and saw lots of horse-drawn conveyances. There are the standard square black covered carriages drawn by one brown horse. These can carry two people, or a family. But there are also little open pony carts which apparently can go really fast. Those look pretty fun. And then you’ve got the big wagons and agricultural machinery drawn by enormous and beautiful draft horses. It’s pretty amazing.

And we took her out to eat, because she is apparently quite tired of the cafeteria food. And we had lunch with the Necromancers, which was very fun. (Oh, I see she’s been reading Laurie Colwin!)

And now we’re home. I can’t wait to see her – she and N are both coming home for Thanksgiving, thank god.

What else? I’ve been reading too, but I’ll tell you about it later.  Got to go —

6 thoughts on “My trip to Ohio

  1. Laurie Colwin??? One downside to having a son is that I’m reasonably sure he’ll never enjoy Laurie Colwin. Thanks for the reminder, I’m inclined to go home and dig out my copy of Home Cooking this very day. Glad the trip was great. XO K.

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