Driven like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing

It’s  windy, today, and chilly!

I woke up early, folded the laundry and made it to the post office to send various Halloween items off to arrive by Saturday. Funny — it takes quite a bit longer for things to get to Maine than to Ohio.

Now I’m at work with a rather uncomfortable hole in my stockings. I’m not quite sure about these shoes, either. They’ve been hanging out in my closet for years, but now they’re the only thing brown that doesn’t have holes in the bottom.  I realize that my fashion sense is pathetic. For one thing, I live in a college town known for its odd dress — I saw a woman waiting at the bus stop wearing athletic socks and tevas, for instance — so I’m not getting any clues off the street.  As for shoes, I buy them on sale and let them lie on the closet floor for five years until I get used to them. Then I wear them. These are just loafers, though, so they were never particularly stylish to begin with which means they’re not likely to be out of style either, right? It’s just the color that’s questionable. It’s a sort of caramel.

Okay. Fascinating though this is I guess I’d better move on. It’s Wednesday — day of innumerable meetings for which I am never really quite prepared.

Reading: I read Dan Ariely’s The Upside of Irrationality which I liked, but less than his previous book.  He’s one of those economic psychologist people — actually, the most interesting parts had to do with psychology. If you’re angry you’ll make an angry decision, even about something you’re not  angry about, and all future decisions will tend to be angry – for instance, and this is his example, a woman comes home after a very bad day and her husband, who is lounging by the television set, says, “I though you were bringing dinner.”  She responds angrily and an angry pattern is set. Hmm.  His advice is to pick a partner who will make this downward spiral less likely, and the way you can know this is by going canoeing with any future spouse — anyone you can canoe with without breaking out in a fight is someone you could probably marry.

Probably good advice.

I am remembering the one time K and I went kayaking in a double kayak. Never again.


6 thoughts on “Driven like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing

  1. My sister loves Dan Ariely and has been recommending that book. Guess I’d better get on it.

    Last time I canoed, I was in eighth grade. I remember getting wicked abs and lots of mosquito bites.

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