A number of odd things along my commute this morning.

I pass the house of a girl who used to play with M when she was in 1st grade. It’s a beautiful house full of big rooms and windows and a kitchen with huge french doors leading out a gorgeous garden. I remember being there when it was full of blooming iris. Oddly, though, they’ve etched over the bottoms of the living room windows with some kind of pattern — like you’d do in a bathroom. Maybe it looks better inside.

A message from N asking me what she used to want to be when she was little. I wonder if she’s worrying about what to be. It was an astronaut, and she seems to continue to want to travel, so there is a consistency.

A pair of spectacles hanging from a rosebush along the sidewalk. Probably somebody dropped them, but will they see them there?

A flock of towhees scooting around in the dust under some sunflowers, which have already bloomed. A small sturdy dog interested, too.

Before I left Jim and Lucy carefully sniffed a part of the plumbago in the back yard. I think the deer has been back, or perhaps it’s the evil Geoffrey. The plastic tube is out of Jim’s neck, but he still looks a bit odd with half of his neck shaved.

The bus came quickly and I managed to get two more rows knitted on my sock before I got to my stop. I was a bit earlier today and the German man who talks on his phone for the whole walk from my house to the bus stop was not there. I’ve gotten used to listening to his half of the conversation, but it was okay without him, too.

M is wondering about Tristan and Isolde for some reason, and I’m not sure why.


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