Persimmons are ripening all over town. The mysterious tree on my walk to work turns out to be a persimmon tree, and I think the cage around it is to keep the squirrels away.

I don’t like persimmons very much, but they are pretty. I remember the first year we moved here I bought one from a bare-footed kid selling them at the entrance to campus. It was cold out. It seemed very foreign at the time.


5 thoughts on “Persimmons

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one. When I think of persimmons, I think of Daffy Duck’s famous line, “Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin!”

  2. Persimmon trees grew wild in southern Arkansas where my grandparents lived and often the fruit would be ripe at the end of August. We’d roam the woods eating persimmons and blackberries. But woe unto you if your persimmon wasn’t quite ripe.

    • I am very curious about these wild American persimmons. The ones growing here are Japanese varieties, I think. The hachiya is like the American ones — it has to be be very very ripe or it’s very very sour. I think I will try them again this year — they are so pretty I really want to like to eat them.

  3. The first house I rented in Austin had two gorgeous persimmon trees. They were pretty but I never developed a taste for the fruit. The possums liked them, though.

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