I have been swept up in the whole baseball enthusiasm. How could I resist? The Giants are in the World Series! Orange and Black! October! The Giants! Strangely, here’s a fairly good description of the Giants likeability here in the Dallas paper. Or here, or here

And then there is the very odd, but funny, pitcher Brian Wilson. Here’s a video.

Anyway — they really are pretty likable. It seems that they’ve take a bunch of pitchers in their 20s who are fantastic and then added a bunch of other players who have been knocking around unused on other teams but are actually great, and now they’re winning. It’s kind of a miracle, actually. It’s a little like a Disney movie, even. So, I’ve been swept up.

Let’s see, what else.

I’m getting exited about the trifecta of Thanksgiving/N’s birthday/K and my 25th anniversary. My brother and his new boyfriend are coming.  He seems very happy, so I think that will be fun. I am wondering if we should invite anyone else, but the thing is, people tend to have traditional Thanksgiving plans. We could invite N’s friend E’s family, for example, except they always go to their friend Roz’s house for Thanksgiving. So maybe we’ll just leave it at a small celebration. This could be the nicest thing in any case.

It’s colder, thank god, so I’m no longer wearing my sad summer wardrobe.

I read Lev Grossman’s the Magicians, and I keep meaning to talk about it but not quite knowing how to go about it. Okay, it’s about a disaffected teenager going about his Brooklyn business of doing very well in school, applying to some serious colleges and being seriously miserable when, bing!, it turns out that magic is real and he is invited to a sort of Hogwarts-meets-Vassar College. In addition, he is seriously addicted to the Narnia books, which here are called the Fillory books. So that’s all good, except it turns out that he’s still miserable because he still doesn’t know what to do with his life, and when he graduates he’s back in New York with too much money and nothing to do but drink all day with others in the same circumstance.

I think it doesn’t all quite fit. I wish it did, but I think it doesn’t. And the ending. Hmmm.

Mixed feelings. Too bad it’s not better, is I guess my final judgment. Too much picked up and the not used. Too much appearing out of nowhere here and there (for instance, why are we suddenly told halfway through the book that his parents had never cared for him? It would have been better if we’d had some notion of that from the beginning, and we don’t.)


Got to go.




2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. I love The Magicians for the idea of it–it’s the science fiction reader in me. It has some seriously great ideas, even if he doesn’t bring them to the kind of fruition we want. Eleanor has a Brakebills t-shirt.

    • Yes, I really wanted to like it. I too like the idea of it — does it need more description? Life outside of Quentin’s head? And what is Julia doing there at the end — we don’t even know her, and she’s supposed to mean something? I don’t get it.

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