I can’t help myself

The Giants have won the World Series!

Here, go read this.

I am a total fair weather fan. I used to be a Giants fan, but then it became too much trouble.  We had kids. N played soccer. It really seemed more important to root for girls playing sports than for overgrown boys getting paid a whole lot of money. It just came to seem to be about money after a while, and not really worth my attention. I didn’t really hate Barry Bonds, but having him around made the whole thing seem more cynical, too — like it was okay to take steroids and be uncivil just to score a lot of runs. Feh.

This team is so much more likable. You hear them being interviewed and not one of them will ever  fail to say, “Oh, but the Rangers are a great team.” Or to mention their teammates. And, aside from the pitchers, they are all either rescued from the scrapheap of utility players, or much too old. And then the pitchers are freaks, and the catcher is just a nice boy from Georgia.  I don’t know, it’s like The Big Green or something.

Anyway, it’s shocking, and surprising, and incredible.

It’s also somewhat charming to see what SF fans are like. Yankees fans seem to value efficiency. Red Sox fans are likely to talk about baseball as a Homeric epic. SF fans are people who are interested in good food and good weather who have found themselves swept up in some kind of amazing story and don’t quite believe it. They’re a little goofy, to tell the truth.

Also, isn’t it pleasing that the first pitch by the Bushes spelled certain defeat for the Rangers in game 4, and that the team that W once owned (and which is only now recovering from his ownership) was defeated by a team from that bastion of homosexuality and liberal politics?

Okay, I’m off to save a spotted owl. (Well, maybe I am — I’m voting this afternoon after all.)


3 thoughts on “I can’t help myself

  1. Thanks for your interesting perspective. Although, as a true San Francisco native who lives here because of the history it has brought to one’s own family…I do love the food, the eccentricity of the people…and the moderate weather (if you spent this past summer here you would call it anything but good), I respectfully want to say that I am not a fan of the (and you gracefully admit it) dialogue by band wagoners or fair weather fans who root for this team as a symbol of politics or sexual preference.

    The story of the Giants as you point out, is interesting, and that should sit with the team and the players alone. There is no need to project a bigger story on the City and those who chose to move here because our city is more accepting of the differences in people.

    BTW, Mrs. Pelosi was a class mom of mine in elementary school, I play golf with her husband…and no I did not vote for her. I’m not gay, I don’t smoke pot, I did vote for both Bushes, I was taught in grad school by Barack, but I do love my Giants.

    • Hi!

      I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings —

      I’m not a native San Franciscan. I’ve lived in the East Bay for 30 years, but I’m really from Connecticut, and I would be the first to admit that I’m not a Californian at all.

      You are absolutely right — it’s not fair to extrapolate from a team, the Giants, to sort of the outsider’s view of San Francisco as the home of a bunch of potsmoking liberal homosexuals. I was sort of tongue-in-cheek about that, but I realize that that is not obvious from my post.

      But I do sort of think that this particular iteration of the Giants, maybe more so than the iteration I used to root for in the Will Clark era, is kind of symbolic of San Francisco at its best, don’t you think? I mean they’re people from all over the place, some of whom, like Huff, maybe, have knocked around a bit and not fit in elsewhere, some of whom — Lincecum, Wilson — seem to be a bit eccentric, and not to care too much what people say about that. Some of them — Uribe — have ties to an older San Francisco — he’s the native maybe. And they all seem to sort of appreciate all the various wierdnesses. They seem to really care about each other.

      And the fans — would Ranger fans have taken up the Fear the Beard thing?

      Maybe I am making too much of this, and maybe I’m totally wrong. But my nephews are Yankees fans, and to tell the truth they’re kind of jerks about it, and I don’t think they WOULD have gone along with the Fear the Beard thing.

      See, exactly your description of yourself — the Republican who plays golf with Nancy Pelosi’s husband, the University of Chicago-educated lawyer who emulates the Love Bug — you sound like the Giants to me!

      It actually makes me feel hopeful.

      thanks for writing —

  2. Yes, we all have our views and you are definitely entitled to your feelings, but a true San Franciscan (never call it Frisco) and Giants fan had to stick up. No offense taken at all!

    I might be a Republican in the Nor Cal sense, but I’m probably more moderate or even a Democrat to most in the US. In fact I’m a registered Indie.

    Oh…and not a Harvard lawyer. A U Chicago MBA who audited a law class from Barack.

    In 1989 I hated the Angels Rally Monkey which to meet was more a marketing thing. We even had our chickens (when Barry got walked). Seriously, the beard was a rebellious thing. It was about having your uniform be the color of your team (Wilson was fined for wearing Orange shoes earlier in the year)

    Don’t sell Texas short. They had “The Antlers” and “The Claw”. You just never saw that gimmick as they were plowed under fairly quick!

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