Weekend again

So — a party on Friday night for friends from work at I’s new house.

Walked Saturday on a less lovely trail — too close to civilization, I think, not that there weren’t some lovely parts. A silvery meadow of long grass. A creek.  A bare buckeye tree with a few silvery buckeyes still attached. Big leaf maples turning bright yellow.

Sunday it rained and rained. All previous promises to clean the house abandoned to watch Veronica Mars on the laptop while knitting a new cardigan for me. It a really nice thick tweedy pale blue. I’ve finished the whole back. I can hardly wait to wear it. Somehow, over the past ten years, I have finally made the step from beginning to moderately competent knitter. I don’t know how it happened but I am very glad it has. This sweater seems easy. I know when I bought the yarn, probably ten years ago, it seemed too massive a project to even attempt.

It cleared up in the late afternoon and I went for another walk, then returned to the couch. K brought home a chicken and we ate it for dinner. Soon I am really going to have to clean the house, shop for groceries and get ready for my mother and the girls. Maybe next weekend.

M sounds very good — she has made a sculpture she likes and picked classes for next semester. I am worrying slightly about N, although the last time I talked to her she sounded okay.

Dinner on Saturday with friends who seem to be going through, as we did, to be honest, the grumpy husband syndrome. They are going abroad to visit their daughter at Christmas and he doesn’t want to. She’s in Spain. He wants to go to Asia, or someplace warm and with animals. Or he wants E to come home. Mostly I think he’s just sad. But we had a long talk about politics and I actually think he’s right. His basic position is that the country is being taken over by fascists. It seems extreme, but if you think about it, he may not be wrong. President Palin may not actually be out of the question. His argument is that we in particular will actually be all right, but all the poor idiots who vote for her (and others like her) — the people on the margins — are the ones who will pay and pay and pay.

It does seem possible. States on the coasts can encourage green building and green energy and state-wide health care (like Massachusetts has). We can have stricter standards and join the 21st century while the rest of the country sinks back into the 19th. Not exactly a happy situation, though.

I don’t mean to be a raving lunatic, but if you think about where we are — why on earth did we invade Iraq if not for oil, just to start — it’s hard not to conclude that he’s right.


18 thoughts on “Weekend again

    • I’m liking it a lot — it feels very Buffy-like, just in the strange high school setting. I’m somewhere in the middle of the first season, which thankfully is very very long. I like the long story arc with individual mysteries, and I can see how once that’s solved the series may be less interesting. I think that’s how Foyle’s war works so well, actually, with the story of the war being the long story arc — it’s a good structure for a series. I couldn’t believe how evil Troy was. I’m hoping that Duncan turns out to be good-ish guy he seems to be growing in to. I’m liking it — it’s complicated enough — that’s a good thing.

  1. Have you watched Terriers? On FX, Wed nights (I think). I love it.

    I am also hoping that “President Palin” never happens.

  2. Maybe we can move up there together. I will, though, need someplace warm to live in the winter months. I can barely stand winter in Virginia. I can’t imagine a Toronto winter.

  3. Both of the first two seasons have a season-long story arc. The show definitely suffered in season three when they didn’t have that. But it wasn’t their fault — the network only bought half a season to start and they didn’t know if they’d be able to finish it out. I haven’t yet seen Buffy, although a friend of mine convinced me I need to give it a try over the weekend.

  4. Dang, is there no hope for states NOT on the coasts? What about intelligent places like Chicago (not a state, and actually on a coast of sorts!)? Minnesota?

    Well, it wouldn’t take much to convince me to move to another country anyhow. Just need to persuade the rest of my family…

    Signed, Nervous in Missouri

  5. Change is incremental; besides, NOTHING is worth living as far north as Canada!

    We tried watching Buffy a few times, but the ickiness of the vampires was too much for us.

    • I agree that I found the vampires too creepy. But that reminds me that both shows have this theme of things seeming okay on the surface but being really not okay at all if you start to look around. JUST LIKE THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!! (Okay, I’m kidding. Sort of.)

      • Also, you forget that I am that odd person who likes cold weather. Of course, how can I know that having been stuck in California for the past million years. But I used to like cold weather. And I am knitting a really warm cardigan.

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