Hoo ha

There’s a lot of hoo ha going on around here. “Operational excellence” it’s called. “Organizational simplification.” It’s all doublespeak, of course. And yet it has to be dealt with.

So I’m thinking a lot about civil law in Italy. How funny — I’m redoing a bunch of Italian books from the 20s.

M called last night. She’s finally made a sculpture she likes. It’s Baba Yaga out of wood.

N still doesn’t have her warm clothes, but she assures me and her grandmother that she’s okay because she has a down coat. I think I’ll send her a hat and mittens, and I’ll give her a sweater and the new socks I’m knitting  for her birthday.

We’re settling in, I guess. Settling in for the long winter.


2 thoughts on “Hoo ha

  1. M sounds like she is doing extraordinarily well in her very first semester. (Tell me everything you did so I can do it too!)

    Actually, if Eleanor gets into the college she’s decided to apply to for early admission, she may only apply to one college. Wouldn’t that be something, in this day and age?

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