Nothing to report, really

Nothing whatsoever to report, here.

Had the day off yesterday, and instead of cleaning I went for a hike. Totally worth it — I went to a park along the shore down the bay, which means the bay is very shallow there, and in fact there are salt ponds not far from the park. It’s an area of marshes and then little hills between the marshes and the bay, which I am coming to realize is what the shoreline along the bay  mostly looked like before so much of it was filled in.  One of the things I’ve never liked about this area is not having a sense of how the land used to look before it was developed, but I’m beginning to see that this is how it looked. Anyway, it was beautiful. From the hills there are views, and you can see the hawks and falcons swoop by, and in the marshes there are thousands of birds. It was really lovely.

And then I came home and we met friends for dinner and a movie. We saw Social Networking, which makes you think twice about using facebook. Actually, I have no idea how closely it sticks to the truth at all, but it’s a good story — it’s well written, with great dialogue and telling scenes and a great story that you don’t have to work to hard to figure out. It’s worth seeing.

Okay — and now a short day at work and then I’m home again, at which point I am really going to have to clean the house, or at least clear a sport on the couch for a guest.

Also, tired.

4 thoughts on “Nothing to report, really

  1. I seldom worry about what the inventor of anything I like to use was like, even if I’m enriching him. Also, I loved the scenes where he was online while all around him people were having real lives.

    • Yes — in the first place, it’s a movie, and I have no idea how close to the truth it is. In the second place, even in the movie, you’re right, so we can assume that even if he’s rich, he’s not happy. And apparently, in real life, even the Winklevi (my favorite line ever) are on facebook. So — who am I to hold out?

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