It’s been inordinately warm here — in the mid 70s yesterday — but it’s supposed to cool down and even rain this weekend.

I mention this because I just packed away all my summer clothes and I’m wondering if I’m going to need to pull them out again.

I also, in a heroic effort, took all the wrapping paper out of K’s closet — there’s a ton of it! It’s currently on M’s bed, and I will have to find a place for it, but with it, and a box of K’s old socks and t-shirts  (should have been discarded in the move 5 years ago) out of the closet, the accordions (there are two) both fit in the closet, and so do his shoes and the vacuum cleaner.

How do people (i.e. us) end up with so much stuff?  But it’s going now.

There is also a lemon tree/housewarming gift in the backyard that needs to go to its rightful owner, and a pad for the living room carpet that needs to come in, and I’ll need to do something with the wrapping paper on M’s bed and the detritus (mostly books) on N’s bed but it feels like we’re almost ready.

My mother comes on Friday morning, and I think I’ll take her with me to the market — it’s a local institution — and a turkey is coming in from a local farm with a guy who works with K.

I’ll need to vacuum and get rid of the stacks of catalogs that drift in through the mail slot every single day.

But we’re getting there. It’s exhausting, though.


4 thoughts on “List

  1. The worst thing about the catalogues is the plastic bag that each one is wrapped in, which has to be torn off so that it can go into recycling.

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