Window peeping

All kinds of windows to peek in last night:

That’s the super secret Senior Cabin where the seniors were preparing for the Big Game this weekend.

Here it is again.  I suppose there’ll be a bonfire on Friday night.


Here’s the church whose yard I cut through. It has a lovely garden.


and a gate.

When I was a senior in college, my house was a long way from campus and my friend P and I used to walk home in the dark, peeking into all the warm houses along the way home with their homey living rooms and yellow lamplight pouring out, thinking about the kind of houses we wanted to have. We each did this, but didn’t know that the other did it until halfway through the year.

A whole lot of that year was all about arranging just the right space for us to live and work in. We spent more time arranging than working, I think.  I think we were probably ready to be out of college and living our lives. Or so we thought.

Tonight I came home early, and this is peeking out.


3 thoughts on “Window peeping

  1. I love peeking into lighted windows at dusk, too. My mother would always pronounce that it was “like Tobacco Road” if someone didn’t pull their curtains after dark, though.

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