Bins and a persimmon tree

As promised . . .

Do you find the blue highly offensive?

My mother came to visit, and N and M have come home. My mother left this morning.

I’m exhausted, but it’s been fun, and N and M are home for the whole week. I know this will surprise you, but they are even more beautiful than I’d remembered!

We went for a walk, and to see Harry Potter, and we’ve been eating out and having people in.

I’m going in to work this morning for a bit of a rest.

And then I think we have to start cooking — but maybe after a little bit of time lying on the couch. The girls have a ton of work to do, apparently.

It was great to have my mother here — she was very helpful — but I’m completely worn out now.

However, my wrapping paper is completely organized, the piles off books all over the upstairs landing are packed in boxes and up in the attic and I believe all my spices are in alphabetical order.



4 thoughts on “Bins and a persimmon tree

  1. The bins do not offend me. If they were a day-glo color, maybe. I am also at work resting up from my weekend. Also, I feel the same way about my kids (school pictures just arrived) event though I see them every day! I’m taking Dusty to see HP on Saturday – her birthday.

  2. I am indifferent on the bin color. Also, I miss the persimmon trees in the yard of my first house here in Austin.

    Happy for you that the chicks have (temporarily) returned to the nest. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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