It’s quiet around here


This one flew back on Saturday night, arriving in Boston on Sunday morning. She had 12 hours to hang around the city, and also to get her homework done, before meeting up with a friend for a ride north. One plan was to take the T to the public library and work there. A small hitch was that it wasn’t going to be open until 1. What did she eventually do? I don’t know — she’s now a grown up.


I’ve heard from this one, though. She’s got a paper to write on something about the use of folk tales in The Canterbury Tales. Two weeks til the end of the semester means two weeks until she’ll be home again, but also two weeks to get everything finished up. We conferred about library resources. I showed her how to borrow a book from another library. Good thing about that Library School degree.

I’m sort of putting myself out of a job, but it’s not an entirely bad feeling.


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