I’d been thinking that M would be coming home on the 10th, but K looked at the ticket last night and saw that it said the 18th. And a look at the calendar from her school revealed that in fact her exams won’t be over until the 17th, so it’s a good thing that I made the reservation at a point when I actually knew what was going on, as opposed to later, when I got confused.

It’s also a good thing because I have been slightly worried about her getting everything she needs to do done in two weeks. Three is reasonable. And it means I have a better chance of recovering from Thanksgiving before we throw ourselves into Christmas.

I think the anticipation of Christmas is nearly better than the thing itself. (Does that mean that the horror of the anticipation is worse than the day itself, too?) I do like Christmas — I think it’s my favorite holiday. But at the moment it seems like it’s a good idea to three weeks instead of two to anticipate it.


6 thoughts on “Advent

  1. Oh man, I can almost smell that eucalyptus! (At least that’s what the picture looks like to me…?) We had those growing in our yard in Woodland Hills a million years ago. Sigh.

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