The putting away


It’s taking us a while to slide back into life-with-just-the-two-of-us, but I confess that once you get over missing all the excitement, it’s actually not that bad.

I vacuumed and did the laundry. K sorted out all the batteries. I put away the jigsaw puzzle. K finished off the beer. I went for a walk with A and A. It turns out that A is just as worried about mountain lions as I am, but they really do seem to like to eat deer. K sent out invoices. I knit a mitten to match another mitten I had knit about 3 years ago. The new one is a bit roomier, which seems better to me. I went to the yarn store to get needles and came home with some new yarn for hats. We ate some stew and mashed potatoes from the freezer and they tasted just fine. I made some pumpkin muffins to send to those poor studying children. It was actually sort of peaceful.

About the walk. We went inland this time to a reservoir tucked into some hills. There were huge parking lots — I think a lot of people come in the summer. We saw magpies! and lots of prints due to some rains a few days ago, including, we think, bobcat, skunk, deer, horse, dog, cow and racoon. The dog, who is a toy-sized australian shepherd, had a great time herding some rather juvenile cows. That was fun to watch. We saw a granary tree, where woodpeckers had stashed their acorns, and lots of mistletoe! Pretty. And we didn’t get rained on.

See? Not that bad.

And just as we get used to our orderly lives, they’ll be back in two weeks to provide more excitement.

So we’re resting up.


9 thoughts on “The putting away

    • Yeah — although I have to admit, I’m not really a lover of the peaceful, either, and yet it’s not the worst thing in the world.

  1. Sounds pretty idyllic to me. But then I am a semi-hermit who probably never should have reproduced.

    I’m curious: is it your custom just to knit one mitten every few years? Interesting…

  2. I’m ready to try some of that peacefulness you speak of. I’m kind of tired of being interrupted when I finally get to lay on the couch and read by, “I’m hungry! Will you fix me a [fill in the blanks]? Will you read to me? Will you play a game with me?” After I’ve spent all day doing these very things and more.

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