Cotton wool

It feels like the fog that surrounds the house has seeped into my brain as well. I’m so tired, and more than that, sort of groggy.

Let’s see.

I am unable to keep up with the number of catalogs which continue to our into the house every day. I try to take them back out immediately, but it’s not always possible. Now I’m reading one that has me worrying about Christmas dinner. What should we have? Hmmm. There will only be 6 of us, so maybe something delicious and not enormous.

Hmm. I’m thinking either “seared duck breast with cherry port sauce” or takeout from the Thai place down the street.

All right — I’m off.


5 thoughts on “Cotton wool

  1. Catalogues are weirdly energy draining. Ours come in plastic covers which you have to rip off before you can recycle them. It’s all futile effort. That we can do without.

  2. There are times to cook and times not to cook. As much as I like to cook, there are times when I’d rather do anything but. So we stock up on frozen pizza because nobody delivers to us out here.

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